Geo Trio is a multi genre band from the land of nitro cold brew and designer tater tots, Providence Rhode Island.  

Known for their ability to pivot from a complex progressive rock arrangement to a mellow Patsy Cline cover in the blink of an eye, Geo Trio shows are highly engaging despite the obvious lack of a vocalist. 


The group got together in 2017 and has since found a home in the Providence music scene by way of a monthly residency at Nick A Nee's as well as frequent gigs at The Parlour & Patrick's Pub.  Aside from performing original music & covers, the trio has organized 2 full performances of The Big Lebowski soundtrack, complete with a 15 piece band, costumes, and interpretive dance.  They also do live band karaoke when the mood strikes.  In short, they're all over the place, but in a good way. 

The band is currently working on preparing for their second studio album, which is expected to release in late 2020.  Their first effort "We Made An Album" earned the trio a local nomination for Best Country Band and Best Breakout Band. (Motif Music Awards)

Due to the coronavirus, all live shows are currently on hold.  However, the band has been & will be live streaming.  To catch these, subscribe to the Geo Trio Youtube channel and follow them on Instagram.  

George Leonard III (guitar)
George Leonard.jpg
Matthew Knippel (bass)
Austin Andrews (drums)
Austin Andrews.jpg