Geo Trio is an instrumental band from Providence RI. We write music that speaks to your inner music nerd but is also catchy and fun. We’ve got the funk, the country and the jazz with a little extra mustard.  

The current members started composing new material in 2018 and within a year were in the studio for their first full length self-released album, "We Made and Album".  Released in January of 2019 to critical acclaim, Geo Trio continues to write new genre-blending material and tour throughout New England.  

Motif Magazine recognized their release with 2019 music award nominations for "Best Country" and "Best Breakout Band".  Click above to check out the excellent reviews coming in, or find the next Geo Trio show.

George Leonard III (guitar)
Matthew Knippel (bass)
Austin Andrews (drums)

© 2019 by GEO TRIO

Proudly based in Providence, Rhode Island